When my boss asked me if I was ready to run my own team, I was definitely up for the challenge. The only negative to it, at first, was that I needed to move halfway across the country. I was not about to let this deter me though, because I had worked hard to get to this point. I looked at several different apartment complexes so I could choose one before I even hit town. I looked at many, but I knew as soon as I saw the Hartford 21 apartments that they were the ones I wanted to live at.

Granted, most of the apartments in the area were nice, but the Hartford 21 apartments had their own style above the others. I really liked the view more than anything. The apartments not only offer a glorious view from the living room, but most do from the bedroom too. Add to that the nine foot ceilings, and it is just luxurious beyond belief for apartment living. The kitchens are pretty sweet too. The granite counters are the first thing I noticed, but the appliances and custom made cupboards were not far behind.

My biggest decision with which apartment to get was whether I wanted to have a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. I finally decided on the two bedroom so I could have my own home office, and I also chose two bathrooms. It was very easy getting the apartment I wanted since I was able to handle everything online. I can even make my rent payments online, which is extremely convenient for me. I was able to move in on the first day of hitting town, and it feels like home already. I love my new job, and I love my new home. This is where I want to be forever!