Prices for Universal Bluetooth Headsets

I had a pretty nice bluetooth headset, but I broke it not very long ago. It was comfortable to wear, and it never seemed to have any problems. Well, it did have one problem, but I will get back to that in a minute. I feel pretty stupid for accidentally breaking it. But it wenty through the laundry, and so now it is never going to work again. I want to buy a universal bluetooth headset that will work with both Apple and Android phones.

I don’t know why all bluetooth headsets are not universal, because it does not seem like it would be very hard to make one work with both mobile operating systems. I guess there must be a reason behind it. And anyway, my last headset was not universal, and would not work Apple phones for some reason. That had not been a problem until recently, when my work issued an Apple phone to me to use for business purposes. I am not supposed to use it for personal cals, and I typically do not, so I now carry around two phone, which to be honest, is a bit annoying.

Anyway, I often need to use a bluetooth headset when I am taking calls for work, and I had just gone without for the last couple of weeks since I was first issued my Apple iPhone. I guess I would have had to buy a new headset even if I did not break the one I had been using the past. So I guess I shouldn’t worry about the fact that I broke it. But if I had not broke it, I could have given it to my wife, because I am sure that she would have used it. Anyway, I am going to look online to see if I can find a universal one.

Unexpected Upgrade Caused by Clumsiness

I dropped an expensive camera lens while I was taking photos one day in the park. I’ve been using the lens since I first got the camera 10 years ago, and it served me well. That particular lens model isn’t made anymore, so I had to find something new to replace it. I looked on Price Wrangler for a lens in my price range with similar specs to the one that I broke. The lens I purchased was made by a brand that I wasn’t particularly fond of, due to their products from the past. The products from them that I’ve used have had problems, but their lens was the highest rated lens when it came to reviews.

I tried the lens out for a trial period and decided that if it gave me trouble like the other products from that company, I would return it and choose the next highest rated item. The first test for the lens to pass was for it to fit on my camera without any problems. I carefully removed the lens from its packaging and placed it on the camera. It successfully snapped into place, which was a huge relief for me. I took some test pictures in my backyard, and the lens gave me some great shots. It appeared that in the time between my last lens purchase, the company had made some changes to give their products a higher quality.

After a month of use, the lens was still going strong. Under every lighting condition possible, the lens performed exceptionally. I was even getting better shots than I was with my old lens. I keep two Velcro loops around the lens and my neck so that I won’t drop this lens like I did the other one. If I’m lucky, I can get 10 years of service out of this one too.