When my husband and I separated, I knew that we were definitely getting a divorce. We just wanted entirely different things in our lives, and neither of us was willing to compromise. I am just glad that even though we are getting a divorce, it is going to be an amicable one. We decided that he would keep the apartment we had been living in because it was really close to his work. I started looking at studio apartments in Tampa FL, and I was able to find the one that I wanted as soon as I looked at The Marq Highland Park.

I knew that I would not need anything more than a studio apartment because I am on the go so much with my job. There may be weeks where I spend all seven nights at my apartment, but other weeks may not see me there at all if I am sent on assignment somewhere. I just needed a place to rest my head between assignments, and the studio I found in Westchase is perfect for that. It is small, but that is what I want. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all combined. The bathroom is down the hall, and the bedroom is right across from it.

It actually looks more like a one bedroom apartment than a studio apartment, but I really liked the floor plan. I also liked the location because it put me closer to my office as well. I am not going to have to fight traffic like I have in the past, and it will feel good to go home from work and be resting on my couch within 10 minutes rather than the 30 that it used to take. Life has thrown me a curve ball for sure, but I am not going to let that get me down.