Getting More out of Our Cable

Have you grown tired of not having an awesome cable provider? I’ve been using the Internet for most of my entertainment until recently when I decided that it might be time to finally give in and get some of that awesome paid programming that I’ve been missing out on for the last few years. So I did what I thought I would never do again and called Time Warner Cable. Sure, they don’t have the best reputation in the world but they are the only provider that is in my area. So if I want to watch me some Game of Thrones well then I have to do what I have to do, you know?

Oh there’s no doubt that this is kind of a bummer. I don’t like the situation very much but truth be told they haven’t done anything to make me out right dislike them. They just charge a lot of money when I think they should consider the fact that many customers rely on Netflix to provide much of the content we’re not getting. You might think that they would lower the price of their packages because of this but they have done no such thing.

In fact, if anything, the prices for their services have only gone up! When are we going to get a break? Yeah, the FCC says they’re going to make sure that the cable providers won’t have so much control over us but I don’t think that is in reality going to happen in the way that most of us are hoping for. I guess as long as my service costs don’t increase any more I’ll be fine but I really cannot afford to pay much more than what they have already asked for. I would go entirely broke if they did.

The Craggy Caverns of Human Waste

Humans as a general rule are not the most clean of creature. Our streets, our homes and our cities might appear clean on the surface but the majority of us ever bother to cast our gaze downward to think of all the waste that we produce is right there beneath our feet. Beneath the dark, loamy earth lies twisting cavern like tunnels to which the entirety of a cities waste flows like so much a bubbling toxic river of gross. If you’ve never worked in those to do sewer cleaning in Bronx NY caverns yourselves you would never understand what it’s like to find yourself waist deep in the most vile fluids. A part of the brain shuts itself off in absolute denial of what you’re wading into; it’s better to force a level of ignorance onto yourself than to admit that you’re practically swimming in the same fluids that come from your own body every day.

My job was a simple one considering the complicated vastness that is the entirety of our sanitary system. I was only to unclog those side sluices that would become gummed up with, well, gummy human gunk. Sometimes we would find landscaping garbage that would spill over from one of the incorrect inflows that jammed up the residential sluices which could cause massive problems for those of us down there. For some areas of the sewers there was a very real threat of drowning in the collective waste of the city if it became too badly clogged. In a city like New York City, one that has been built upon itself again and again through the two and half centuries of American colonization there can be serious problems with sewage clogging. Some of the tunnels simply are not built to sustain the sheer amount of waste that flows through them every day.

My Luxury Apartment is Perfect for Me

When my boss asked me if I was ready to run my own team, I was definitely up for the challenge. The only negative to it, at first, was that I needed to move halfway across the country. I was not about to let this deter me though, because I had worked hard to get to this point. I looked at several different apartment complexes so I could choose one before I even hit town. I looked at many, but I knew as soon as I saw the Hartford 21 apartments that they were the ones I wanted to live at.

Granted, most of the apartments in the area were nice, but the Hartford 21 apartments had their own style above the others. I really liked the view more than anything. The apartments not only offer a glorious view from the living room, but most do from the bedroom too. Add to that the nine foot ceilings, and it is just luxurious beyond belief for apartment living. The kitchens are pretty sweet too. The granite counters are the first thing I noticed, but the appliances and custom made cupboards were not far behind.

My biggest decision with which apartment to get was whether I wanted to have a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment. I finally decided on the two bedroom so I could have my own home office, and I also chose two bathrooms. It was very easy getting the apartment I wanted since I was able to handle everything online. I can even make my rent payments online, which is extremely convenient for me. I was able to move in on the first day of hitting town, and it feels like home already. I love my new job, and I love my new home. This is where I want to be forever!