I had a pretty nice bluetooth headset, but I broke it not very long ago. It was comfortable to wear, and it never seemed to have any problems. Well, it did have one problem, but I will get back to that in a minute. I feel pretty stupid for accidentally breaking it. But it wenty through the laundry, and so now it is never going to work again. I want to buy a universal bluetooth headset that will work with both Apple and Android phones.

I don’t know why all bluetooth headsets are not universal, because it does not seem like it would be very hard to make one work with both mobile operating systems. I guess there must be a reason behind it. And anyway, my last headset was not universal, and would not work Apple phones for some reason. That had not been a problem until recently, when my work issued an Apple phone to me to use for business purposes. I am not supposed to use it for personal cals, and I typically do not, so I now carry around two phone, which to be honest, is a bit annoying.

Anyway, I often need to use a bluetooth headset when I am taking calls for work, and I had just gone without for the last couple of weeks since I was first issued my Apple iPhone. I guess I would have had to buy a new headset even if I did not break the one I had been using the past. So I guess I shouldn’t worry about the fact that I broke it. But if I had not broke it, I could have given it to my wife, because I am sure that she would have used it. Anyway, I am going to look online to see if I can find a universal one.