My mother often asks me to come over and do work on her computer, because she often gets spyware, malware, viruses, and more on her computer. I am not even sure how she manages to do it at such a frequent pace, because it seems to me, you would almost have to try to get your computer infected to do it so frequently. But anyway, I am trying to figure out something about how to go about redirect virus removal as I can’t seem to get this virus off of her computer, and it is really annoying.

Of course, my mother refuses to use any other browser except for one, and that is the browser that has been most impacted by the virus, to the extent where it is basically impossible to use it. Since most of what my mom does on the computer is browsing the web anyway, the computer is of little value to her until this virus has been fixed. I thought I would have fixed it by now, and it is really annoying that it is not easier to get rid of this virus. I am not sure why her antivirus program isn’t getting rid of it.

I know that it is just a free antivirus program, but it still seems like it should be able to do the job. I guess that I need to find another program to get rid of this virus, or maybe some instructions on how to do it manually. I have been trying to do it manually, but I have not had any luck so far, and I am not sure what the issue is. My mother is mworse about getting viruses and such on her computer than even my children are. Granted, my kids are about as good at using a computer as my mom.