My best friend and I decided to move to downtown Denver together. We were both living at home with our folks, but we have great jobs in the heart of Denver. We would sometimes carpool together, which made the 45 minute commute a lot more bearable. We started talking about how much easier it would be if we just had apartments in downtown Denver, and that is when we decided to get serious about finding one. We wanted one that would be central to both of our jobs, and we also wanted one that was going to have all of the fancy amenities that we had only seen in movies.

We wanted the nice pool and the lounge area so we could have fun meeting the other people in the complex too, and we also wanted to have a really nice apartment that had a lot of space. Neither of us are party girls, but we do enjoy a nice social life nonetheless. We wanted to be able to entertain in our apartment if we wanted to have a dinner party or just a girls night in watching chick flicks and eating pizza.

It took us maybe five minutes to find the apartment that we wanted to rent. We knew that we wanted to have separate bedrooms, and we each wanted our own bathroom too. Finding an apartment that had that as well as a half bath for guests is just perfect. The bedrooms are on opposite sides of the living room, which is amazingly huge. We both fell in love with the floor plan as soon as we saw it, and I was thrilled when I found out that our application was accepted. We cannot move in for a couple of months, but that just gives us more time to get everything ready!